Out of the Garden, part two

One of the things I work so hard to teach in my classes and ministry at church is to read the Bible with the intention of getting to know God. Just like I treasure my hangout time with my friends because it allows us to laugh, to encourage one another, and get to know each other better, I treasure my Bible study time for the same reasons. It’s my hangout time with God. I want to know Him better, and that’s done through the study of His word.

Genesis is such a perfect platform to learn about the characteristics and aspects of God. When you think about it, the first thing most new believers are told to read in the Bible isn’t Genesis, it’s John or Matthew. I understand the reasoning behind it, I probably even agree with it, but the fact is that John and Matthew tell the story of a son who’s carrying out the exact step by step and word by word will of his father. Who’s the father? Well, if I haven’t studied the Old Testament or read Genesis, we don’t have a full grasp on who the father is. We know He’s God, but beyond that you don’t have a foundational understanding of His ways and His characteristics. So I love coming back to Genesis (and the rest of the Old Testament) often and seeing these powerful glimpses into the character of God, reminding myself who He is, what He stands for, and how He operates.

That all leads us into today’s section of scripture, so let’s take a look at it.  

Genesis 1:6-7 Then God said, “Let there be a space between the waters, to separate the waters of the heavens from the waters of the earth.” 7 And that is what happened. God made this space to separate the waters of the earth from the waters of the heavens.

I’m not here today to debate what the “waters of the heavens” were, although there are some fascinating and compelling arguments made about a sort of protective canopy of water that may have once been around the earth. What I want to look at is the first sentence of verse seven. In verse six, God speaks something. And then as seven begins, it tells us this. “And that is what happened.” I so adore this look at God’s power and this important look at a foundational aspect of who He is and how He operates. When God speaks, it happens.

I think that there’s a danger in this being one of those “well duh” concepts. God says let there be light, there is light, and that’s just how it is. When you restrict this concept to the account of creation, it does appear to just be this matter of fact part of how He works. He speaks, things take place. But I really felt like it was important for us today to take this foundational aspect of who God is and how He operates and apply it to other things. Things such as the following.

John 3:36 Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.  

You see, the Bible is the word of God. He says it, it happens. When you understand that this is how God works, then the promises of His word take on a very new quality. They are instantaneous. Believe in the Son (Jesus), gain eternal life. Spoken, delivered.

Psalm 34:17 When the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.

Spoken, delivered. Genesis shows us how He operates and how His word acts instantaneously.

Psalm 32:8 The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.

Again, spoken, delivered. When God says something, it happens, and He says He will guide and advise. Are you seeking that? Are you receiving it? Are you following it when you hear it? Are you getting quiet with Him in prayer so you CAN hear it? If you’re not feeling God’s guidance and hearing His advice, it’s not because He’s withholding it from you, it’s because you’re not positioning yourself to receive it.

The thing that causes us to doubt this aspect of God or forget about this aspect of God is our stubborn inability to accept that His timing is perfect. When I’m in a bad situation, and I pray for deliverance and guidance on how to get out of it, then I’m delivered. It’s all over. It doesn’t matter if that situation lasts another five seconds or another five years, that part’s not up to me. God’s been made aware, and His promise is that when the righteous cry for help, He hears and delivers. Maybe deliverance doesn’t look like what I expected. I thought it meant He was going to pull me out of a bad job or a bad situation, but maybe that bad situation is right where He needs me. Maybe deliverance was emotional, maybe it was Him strengthening my heart and mind to endure the bad situation. Maybe He’s on His way to pull me out, but there’s more I need to learn before He does, more I need to accomplish for His glory. None of that’s on me. None of it. And none of it changes the fact that He’s faithful in every situation.

You know, I still have an incurable disease in my circulatory system. And yet, I’m healed. Sounds like one of those last two sentences has to be wrong, but not when you know God. Not when you understand that His timing is perfect and that His word is instantaneous. He speaks, it happens, and His word tells me that I am healed. In the natural, I still carry this disease. In the supernatural, I’ve been set free. At the exact perfect time, God’s going to bring what I see in line with what He’s already done, and I’ll witness the manifestation of that healing. But because I know His character, because I’ve spent time getting to know Him, I don’t need the manifestation to praise Him and thank Him. Faith means we trust in His goodness and His character and His promises even when our eyes don’t see them coming to pass just yet. He’s so good and so loving, the God who spoke the world into being spoke my circulatory system back into perfect working order. I’ve experienced instantaneous healing before, and I’ve experienced delayed healing before too. Our human minds obviously desire one over the other, but you know what? Both happen at the exact, perfect time. God’s never wrong, and He’s never once been early or late in acting in a situation.

And that is what happened. Five words that show us an aspect of God we need to cling to daily. Don’t let your own concepts of timing hold you back from the deep blessing that those five words can deliver to you. Hold them closely, know that it’s a part of who God is, a part of Himself that He showed us just 7 verses into the Bible, a part of Him that we can trust and always rely on.

I prayed that He would forgive me. And that is what happened. I asked for guidance and help. And that is what happened. I just needed someone to come along and encourage me and notice me. And that is what happened. I just wanted to be loved. And that is what happened.

That’s it for this week on the Bible blog. I love all of you and I hope you’re doing great. It’s such a wonderful time to know God, I just feel such a special camaraderie with Him lately. If you’re not pouring time and effort into your relationship with Him, now’s a beautiful time to do it. Love you guys!

If you need prayer or just need someone to talk to, please feel free to email me at freejenkins@gmail.com and it will be my pleasure to speak with you.


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