The burning bush, part four

One final aspect of Moses’ time at the burning bush in Exodus chapters 3 and 4 that I find really inspiring and important is the fact that nobody is beyond usefulness for the Lord. An old shepherd isn’t the first choice I’d make for the guy to go face down the mighty Pharaoh and lead the people of Israel out of slavery. The first idea that comes to mind is someone younger, someone burning for God, a mighty, courageous warrior for the Lord. Maybe an up and coming political figure who’s making waves and has clashed with those in power over his belief in the one true God. Maybe a young slave who’s been working in Egypt his whole life, but has risen to be a mighty young man of God and sparks a rebellion. But these aren’t the types of people God needed for this mission. Everyone around Moses probably thought his best days were behind him. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Moses thought his best days were behind him. But God had an epic third act planned for Moses’ life.

There are a lot of reasons why people may feel like they’re beyond usefulness for the Lord. Too old. Too young. Too broken. Too flawed. Too disgraced. There’s a million reasons, really. It’s rarely possible to know what people really think of themselves when you meet them. Even people you’ve known a long time, sometimes it’s hard to really know what they think of themselves. It’s not an easy conversation to have, and not one that most people are even going to be willing to have. But I do think it’s important to remind people around us that they’re not beyond usefulness for the Lord. Maybe it’s someone who’s not where they need to be with God. Maybe it’s someone who has a negative view of themselves. So many people fall into this category, myself included sometimes. I think a powerful gift you can give is to just remind these people that God’s not done in their lives. Their best days aren’t behind them, they’re ahead. No matter what they see when they look in the mirror, God sees something else, and He’s got all the information. They might be done in life, just hanging on until it’s time to pass away. Maybe they’re just content to get lost in the daily grind of family, work, eat, sleep, repeat. That seems like where Moses was, just content to do his work and go home and eat and sleep and then start all over the next day. But God’s the king of the unexpected. He’s the Lord of the third act. He’s the champion of the lowly. No human being is beyond usefulness for the Lord. A man on his deathbed may have an important prophetic message to share with a doctor in his final breath. A convicted murderer on death row may have a mighty prison ministry to start in the final year of his life. A broken and lost person may have a worldwide ministry to build from the ground up. Just like an old shepherd in his twilight years had a nation of slaves to deliver from under the thumb of a foreign ruler.

If maybe this applies to you, I hope that God’s really sealing this message into your heart right now. If you know someone who maybe this applies to, I really want to encourage you to tell them that God still has a use for them. It doesn’t have to be long and involved, just remind them of Moses, remind them that God never gives up on a life. Remind them how much God loves using the unexpected people, the least likely candidates. Tell them that no matter how they view themselves, God sees beyond the flaws, He sees beyond the past failures, and He sees someone who has an important role to play in the kingdom of the Lord.


Father God, today I have those people who feel useless heavy on my heart.  My prayer today is on their behalf, that you would send a mighty reminder into their lives that you are not done with them yet.  Your power is unlimited and you are the same God today that you were in the time of Moses.  Appear to people in unmistakable ways, reveal to your people your purposes and missions for their lives.  Remind those who need reminding that you are the God of the least likely candidates, and that you are not finished in their lives.  Lord, I thank you so much for this truth.  I am a living example, someone who got so caught up in my flaws and my shortcomings that I spent a lot of time feeling useless.  But my best days were not behind me, they were ahead.  Thank you for the beautiful purpose you’ve placed into my life, the mighty mission to tell others about your glory and your love and your gift of salvation.  You created us.  That very fact means we are not useless.  Awaken purpose in lives today, Lord.  Shake people out of their funk, out of their depression, out of their routines, out of their apathy, out of their disbelief, and show them that the Lord their God isn’t done with them yet.  I love you, Lord, and I’m so thankful to you.  Thank you for the Bible, and thank you for giving us so many examples of your ability and willingness to work through your people.  Moses wasn’t perfect, and he certainly wasn’t the most likely candidate for the job.  But the power isn’t in the person, it’s in the God giving the mission.  And your power is unlimited.  I thank you for all that you’re doing in lives today and all that you’re about to do.  I claim this prayer in victory and in faith, I stand on faith that you’re moving in a mighty way in people’s lives today who need to be reminded that their God has a use for them.  Thank you for loving us the way that you do, Lord.  It leaves me speechless and breathless and I’m so thankful for your love.  In Jesus’ precious name I pray, amen.

I can’t tell you guys enough just how valuable reading and studying the Bible is.  God and His love and His truth is in that book, and as this new week gets underway I again want to just encourage you to be regularly reading and studying your Bible.  It’s so worth it and so rewarding.

I hope Monday is treating you all well.  I love you guys, but infinitely more important than that is the fact that God loves you.  Accept His love today, really love in the reality of what it means to be loved by the creator of the universe.


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