The burning bush, part three

We’re picking right up off of Tuesday’s post, so if you missed that one you can check it out HERE.  I’m still in Exodus chapters 3 and 4 as today I really wanted to dive into why I think Moses was so reluctant to accept the mission God was giving him at the burning bush.  As I really dove into this and studied it, I felt like I had a very personal connection to the whole situation.

I think the most powerful thing that’s happened to me in the past six months or so is coming into my identity for the first time in my life. Knowing who you really are is a key that just unlocks everything. True identity only comes through Jesus. To know who I am, I have to know who He is. What does my master, the one who created me, think of me? I need to know that before I can know what to think of myself. And the only way to know what God thinks of me is to get onto His path, to get into His word, to get around His people, to spend time in His places. When you start to do this, when you start to get aligned with Him, when you start to hear from Him, to feel Him all around you, to see Him in all you do, you get the revelation of what He thinks of you. God loves you unconditionally. God thinks of you. God watches after you. God sent His son to die for you, so that you can escape your deserved punishment for a sinful life and instead experience a blissful eternity with God. That’s what my master thinks of me. That’s who I am.

Exodus 3:11 But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?”

Moses was focused on all the wrong things. He was focused on his old age, his weaknesses, his flaws. Those are just by-products of being human. We’re all going to grow old, we all have flaws, but those things don’t define who we are. Moses was focused on the fact that he was an old man who’d spent too much time in the desert as a shepherd. He wasn’t the youthful, vigorous, mighty, important man he once had been.

We all have flaws. I know all too well that I have flaws. I’m immature. I’m lazy. I’m way out of shape. I get awkward around people I don’t know really well. I can be so self conscious about my appearance that I tend to avoid certain social situations even when I know those situations would be fun/uplifting/good for me. I’m also super weak. Like seriously, my actual physical strength is crazy low. And these are just a few of the flaws and shortcomings I have! If I really wanted to I could go on and on here.

We all have a choice in life when it comes to doing work for the Lord (and yes, we all have work to do for the Lord). We can choose to see ourselves from one of two angles. We can see ourselves from our own angle, one that’s all too aware of the many flaws and shortcomings that exist within us. Or we can see ourselves from God’s angle. God’s never in the dark, He’s fully aware of what our flaws are. So we can be assured that if He’s putting us to work then He’s factored those flaws and weaknesses in. God’s angle has all the information. He knows the challenges, He knows the outcome. So if God, who knows full well that I’m physically weak, tells me that I need to go and lift a car, I’m going to have a choice. I can view the situation from my own angle and say “no way God, you know I’m weak, there’s no way I can lift that car. I’ll strain something and fail and it’ll embarrass me and you!” Or I can view the situation from the God angle and say “God, you’re fully aware of my weaknesses. If this car is going to be lifted then it’s going to be a miracle that you perform, but I’m going to do it because I have faith that you wouldn’t have called me to this mission by accident.”

Because here’s the deal. God’s never going to send us out unequipped. God didn’t tell Moses “Wander into Egypt, figure out a way to free all the slaves, you know, just figure it out or whatever.” He gave Moses clear instruction, a deep knowledge of how it was all going to play out, and divine authority and power to carry it out. I think it comes down to a simple question. Does God make mistakes? And let me answer for you, lest you get yourself into trouble. No, he doesn’t make mistakes. Since God doesn’t make mistakes that means He’s never going to set you up to do work that you’re not going to be equipped to do. If He calls a timid person to a large social gathering, He’s going to give you the right words to speak and the courage to speak them. If He calls a weak person to a feat of strength, He’s going to give the strength and power when it’s needed. God doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t get the assignments mixed up on His desk. He doesn’t accidentally give me the work meant for my much tougher and stronger roommate. God knows what He’s doing, and it’s up to me to be full of faith when I don’t immediately feel like the work He’s set before me matches up to my skill set. It’s up to me to rely on who I am in Christ to define me, to see myself as He sees me, to draw my identity from my creator and not from my flaws.


Father God, today I come before you with a heartfelt request.  Please, reveal to us who we are in your eyes.  Too many people are walking around today viewing themselves from the wrong angle.  We’re not the sum of our failures, we’re not just a pile of flaws, I know this because you tell me this in your book.  Father, I’m asking this on my behalf and also on behalf of everyone I know, on behalf of the people who are strong on my heart today.  Reveal it to them in a mighty fashion, a surge of comfort and love and confidence that can only come from you.  You set my worth, and the going price is the life of Jesus Christ, the brutal killing of the innocent son of God.  That’s what you said I am worth.  I don’t feel worthy, the price was too high in my opinion, but regardless, I’m so thankful that it was a price you paid on my behalf.  And if that’s where you’ve set our worth, if you define us as that valuable, then why are we so caught up in our flaws?  Lord, I pray right now that you break the spirit of self doubt and self hate and self loathing that so many people suffer from.  I pray that your definition of who we are would cut through the darkness like a sudden sunrise in the middle of the night.  Shine this truth brightly into every corner of who we are so that there is no mistaking it.  We are loved at the highest level by you, the highest being in all of existence.  What more needs to be said about our identity?  At the same time, Lord, I ask that you help us work on our flaws.  Don’t let me just accept that list of my shortcomings, help me to work on it and shorten that list.  Give me the wisdom to move towards self improvement, towards being a better example of you in this world.  And above all else, I just want to thank you for how you view us.  You set our worth so high, that is the love you have for us.  It blows me away, and you know that in my heart I feel unworthy of it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not accepting of it.  Because even if I feel unworthy, the fact that you did it means that I am worthy.  You know this struggle I have.  I’d plead with you that the price for my salvation was set too high, but I’m so thankful that you would not hear that cry.  Help me to view myself as worthy, to see myself from your angle and not my own.  And I thank you for your love, and the action you are moved to on my behalf because of that love.  Forever will I be your servant and your faithful friend, forever will I be thankful for all that you do in my life and the lives around me.  We love you, Lord, and we’re so thankful for you.  In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

It was so great to be back at the blog this week.  I’m excited to move into next week.  There’s one more part to my look at the burning bush before we move into Egypt for the next part of the Moses Moments series, Egyptian Magicians.  And yes, I do have fun naming these things!  As this week winds down I just want you all to know that I love you and that I hope you all have a fun and safe and relaxing weekend.  God paid a high price for you, my friends, He’s set your worth.  Live in that identity.



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