Psalm 30, part two

This Psalm closes out with an incredible moment that I just fell in love with. I’m actually going to use The Message version, as it expressed it in words that really captured how the verse made me feel.

Psalm 30:12 (The Message) I’m about to burst with song; I can’t keep quiet about you. God, my God, I can’t thank you enough.

We should be unable to shut up about God. I want to talk about God more than I want to talk about anything else. I love discussing the Bible, the things God’s doing in my life, the way He loves us and works through His people. I wanna have a deep discussion about the character traits of Joseph, the motivations of Jonah, the emotional state of Peter. I want to tell you all about what I just read in the Bible. I want to tell you how Moses stood tall on the shores of the Red Sea, about the reasons why he sometimes wore a veil, I want to daydream about the staff of Moses and if it maybe is still around somewhere on earth today and what would happen if someone found it. I want to scream in frustration about the numerous times the people of Israel whined and complained as Moses led them out of Egypt towards the promised land. And yes, as you can tell, I’ve been studying Moses, hahaha. I want to sing a new song to the Lord, because he’s heard all the old ones and I want to please Him with a new one. Sometimes I make up songs while I drive, just praising Him with whatever words and ideas come to my lips.

I don’t do as well as I should as a follower of Jesus. I think if we’re being honest, most of us could say that about ourselves. I want to abide in Him not just during church, not just during my Bible studies, not just when I’m writing this blog, but at all times. I want my identity to be Jesus. I want it to be all that I am. I want to be unable to shut up about God. I want Him present when I’m ordering food, when I’m writing my newspaper articles, when I’m talking with friends, I want Him in my dreams when I’m sleeping. That’s the level I think we should be working towards. Those are the goals I think we should all be pursuing.

You know, every once in a while I feel led to share something in this blog that I’d rather not share, and I just had that hit me again. A few months ago, I was in the midst of a few super busy weeks. I was practicing with the praise and worship band at church, doing a Bible study with my roommate, a Bible study with my brother, my Bible blog writings, reading a book about being a Christian, and studying the Bible. And a day came and I had this thought enter into my mind. I want to take a day off from God, I thought. Ugh. I wish I could forget it, but I can’t. I remember all too well, because even months later it sticks with me. God’s not a job. He’s not an extracurricular activity for my life resume. God’s everything. He is, because He is. God’s an absolute privilege. God’s an unending source of joy and love. I don’t ever again want that thought I had that one day to enter into my mind. Whether it was an attack of the enemy or just a symptom of an overtaxed mind, I want to be in a place where a thought like that can never again form in my mind. I want my relationship and understanding of Him to be so deep that I exist fully in some fundamental truths. I don’t HAVE to get up and go to church in the morning, I GET to. I don’t HAVE to read my Bible, I GET to. I don’t HAVE to pray, I GET to. These aren’t items on a religious checklist that I need to check off so I can maintain my righteousness. These are privileges extended to me by my creator, because He loves me and He wants what’s best for me. I don’t want a day off from God. Maybe a day off in general, sure (maybe like a sabbath that’s written about in the Bible? There’s a novel idea), but never one off from God. If I’m going to take a day to chill then I want to chill with God, just to exist and relax and recharge in His presence.


Father God, as I come before you in prayer today there’s a word I feel like you’ve put on my heart this past week.  Overflowing.  I hear it in song, I see it in my studies, and I feel it in my heart.  Lord God, let my love of you overflow.  Let God tumble from my mouth when I open it to speak.  Lord, make it impossible for me to shut up about you.  Because your goodness, your love, your magnificence, they can be talked about for eternity and not fully grasped.  Your comfort and peace has been overflowing in my life Lord, and I just pray right now that this continues not just for me, but for all those around me.  Pour out of my life and into the lives of all who I come into contact with.  I don’t just want you, Lord, I want you in such abundance that my body, mind, and soul can’t contain you.  I don’t want a choice in the matter, I want to share you because there’s no other option, because you’re everywhere in me and around me and about me.  Lord, let me never again allow tiredness or exhaustion to make me vulnerable to thoughts like the one I had a few months back.  I don’t want a day off from you, I want the opposite.  I want you forever, in every second of every day.  Father, give me the wisdom to slow down, give me the wisdom to observe your commandment to establish and respect a sabbath day of rest in my life.  Give us all that wisdom.  Sometimes we feel like the only way to serve you is to do it at a breakneck speed, but you know that’s the way to burnout and fatigue.  Father, I ask right now that you grant all those I know who are in the ministry and who are living for you, Lord grant them peace and rest and recharge in this holiday season.  Don’t let a season of your blessings turn into a season of burnout for your people, Lord.  Give all the pastors I know a supernatural rest and recharge as 2015 winds down.  Rejuvenate them lord, reignite them as you prepare to use them mightily in 2016.  Let that be true for anyone who would do your will in the coming year, Father.  Reignite us, recharge us, and set us up for great kingdom gains in the coming year.  I love you, God, and I’m so thankful for you.  I can’t shut up about you God, because you are just so good.  Thank you for all that you are.  Thank you for the love you extend not just into my life, but into the lives of those around me.  In Jesus’ precious name I pray, amen.

Well my friends, that’s it for another week of blog posts.  What a blessing it was to be back on my own computer this week.  I was able to fix it due to the direct blessing of God, and that’s a story I’ll tell sometime.  He made the way, because He’s unendingly awesome.  The blog will be off all next week as I’m going to be hanging with the family doing Christmastime stuff.  I’ll be back on 12/28 to close out the year with some more psalms.  I love all of you, and I hope that you can experience the peace of comfort of the Lord during this holiday season.  God loves us so much, it’s such an honor to have Him as our Lord.


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